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Eunoia - O


Eunoia is the shortest English word containing all five main vowel graphemes.


Eunoia is an anthology of univocalics by Canadian poet Christian Bök. Each chapter is written using words limited to a single vowel.  

The O piece is an interpretation of Eunoia Christian Bok- Chapter O for Yoko Ono. The piece works to emphasize the effect of using one prominent vowel.


The letter O is examined by primarily observing the movement of the mouth using photographs that are then translated into a series of Os that change in size. The spacing and repetition found in the poem is maintained to preserve the rhythm. 


The musical piece is then read by a computer and recorded in order to highlight the significance of the spacing and the punctuation on the way the piece sounded.


The rigid reading of the computer is contrasted with a more human and natural reading of Eunoia. The slow motion video of a reading of one of the poems in the O chapter zooms in to show only the mouth moving. A black and white format is chosen in order to increase the contrast between an open mouth and a closed one.


My studies have all revolved around exploring how the repetition of vowels impacts sounds and the movement of the mouth.

O - Read by the Computer
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