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A Persistent Vision 

Setting the Framework for Integration 


From its inception, Amman, is a city that responds to the shifting regional paradigms of the region. The proposal aims to find a way of integrating the urban refugees from Syria into the city in a holistic way. 


3 main hubs of integration are suggested: 


The Women's Shelter + School 

The Syrian Market/ Center (Souq A’Shami)

The Farm and Housing Area (Mazra3a)


These hubs are spread out in a way that follows future projected growth of the city and also encourages the re-development and city planning of existing neighborhoods, with the possibility of implementing future zoning and planning regulations. They all address the need for affordable or rent controlled housing, coupled with the main issue it starts to resolve.


All three hubs are interconnected through farming and produce distribution, and prepared goods initiative that reaches into varying sectors. The food truck system is seen as a tool that would enable employment and utilization of the domestic knowledge and skill set of Urban Refugees. The trucks are meant to become a staple in the city, with the vision they will be integrated at a larger scale and seen as moving landmarks in Amman.


The moving components of the intervention stem from one end of the city to the other and are seen as a strategy to set up a network of housing and economic opportunities between the farm, market and shelter that allows future developments to plug into it at any point.


Ultimately, In creating these hubs,  it allows for a designed understanding that Amman has been an accommodating force for refugees seeking a peaceful life from the tribulations of the region. These interconnected spaces, prepare for the future makings of Amman on a planning level, humanitarian level and more importantly the level of a fully imagined and integrated community. 

This competition submission was completed along with Nadine Zaza. We were awarded an honorable mention

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