Year of the City 

The Providence Project



I was selected to design a foldable large format map to documents the activities organized by Year of the City over the course of 2019. The goal behind creating a cartographic document was to reflect the place based nature of project as well as the ways in which the projects work together to create a multifaceted portrait of the city.


Year of the City: The Providence Project was an unprecedented, year-long exploration of the history, life and culture of Providence’s 25 neighborhoods through exhibitions, performances, walks, lectures, and conferences produced by more than 40 different curators throughout 2019. Some Year of the City exhibitions were up for the entire year; other events were fleeting. Some curators worked at the city’s largest cultural and historical institutions; others were individuals working with shoestring budgets in unexpected spaces throughout Providence. All of the projects addressed Year of the City’s essential questions: What are the unseen stories behind the visible surface of this place? What do each of these stories tell us about the larger story of Providence? Together, these projects built a multifaceted portrait and illuminated new ways of thinking about this city. 


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